Construction Defect Litigation

At Vande Zande & Kaufman, we understand that a home is more than shelter; it is the hub for your family. And a commercial property is more than a building; it is the heart of your business operations. Our team of attorneys protects property owners’ rights when construction defects threaten the integrity of an individual or commercial property.

Protecting The Rights Of Property Owners

In our construction defect litigation, we represent individual and commercial property owners, as well as community associations facing a range of property damages caused by construction defects, including:

  • Water intrusion and mold claims

  • Warranty claims

  • Design defect claims

  • Structural damage claims

  • Building code violations

  • Frost heave claims

We coordinate our defect investigations with a range of field experts such as engineers, architects and repair contractors. Combined, our team has several years of experience and has handled many cases. We have taken construction defect cases to jury trial and have obtained favorable results for clients. Our team has the skill and experience to help you obtain a favorable resolution to your case.

We offer honest, straightforward advice, and the client’s best interest is always our primary concern and motivating factor.